Saturday, January 30, 2010

Graffiti LIVE! Connection Issues

Apologies to those users experiencing trouble sharing images with others.

There is a patch in progress to fix the issues, but here are some steps

Once entering the Main Menu, the game immediately looks for other users online.

  • Look for "Users Connected: "on the screen to appear to verify other users are online. While users are connected, look for any saving/loading messages in the lower right. This indicates there is some network activity happening!

  • If the connection disappears before any images are recieved, press B to back out to Press Start menu and then re-enter the game.

  • If "Users Connected" doesn't appear anymore, restart app.

Other tips:

Leaving the XBOX Guide open while connected to users may boost performance slightly.

Because of the way the game automatically connects to sessions, your ability to share may be affected by others who are online at the same time. If the above steps do not work, trying again when less people are online may help.

Transferring images can take some time- try leaving the app running for 30 mins and see if any new images are downloaded.

If you are trying to share images with your friend:

Due to a bug in the netsharing, players only share images with the host of a network session (who will then redistribute them but since the connectivity is finicky they might not get to the 2 friends). To host, you need to be online when there is nobody online..

You know what I'm going to pull the game until I get everything fixed.
There will be seperate HOST/JOIN options, specifically for friends trying to share images.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will post updates on how the patch is progressing

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Graffiti LIVE! available now!!

It has taken a while, but it's finally out!!

Download the trial here!

Go forth and draw! Then share! Then comment! And rate! Then watch the replay!
Tell your friends!!!
Post on blogs!!

To get things started, I am giving away Puzzwords codes if you submit an image! (but not if its just a few scribbles) :) (while supplies last)

REMEMBER: if you draw something and want to begin sharing it, after saving, go to the MAIN MENU and SUBMIT it!