Saturday, April 12, 2014

Monday, March 5, 2012

AFO v1.3

Just some stuff currently in the works

NEW MOVE Freeze ball
Ninja star loses lifetime after each projectile hit
it takes 2 twin orbs to destroy an average fireball
Ultra fireball goes though all fireballs
Combo maker boosts your movement speed
Invincibility can be activated while fallen
Tornado kick moves faster
Teleport kick has fake version
Flying kick has light sweep version
Shoulder charge slightly less damage
Rolling kick slightly more damage
Blocking animation fixed
Removed hitbox from canceled throw animation
Do other stuff while waiting for someone to join a match
can no longer cancel blockstun with a special move

can charge moves before round starts
cannot use both leftstick + dpad at the same time

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AFO v1.2

Change list for v1.2:

- Sid HK gives slight pop-up on airbourne opponents
- unblockable fireballs on riseup fixed
- the amount of on-screen fireballs per player limited to 1 (meteor is an exception)
- Shoulder tackle will keep going on hit, stops if blocked
- fireball blocking issue fix
- dive kick counts as a mid-hit again, but with extra start up frames
- rising kicks slightly faster, better at juggling in air
- tornado kick goes thru fireballs
- Ultimates Stun & Stomp are invulnerable to fireballs
- Twin orbs, extra recovery frames
- Properly cycles the songs instead of just playing one song (net play)
- character select music plays (net play)
- fix obscure sound crash on main menu
- LP Rushing combo has same recovery as HP version
- credits now roll after single player ending

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AFO v1.1 Released

Got some news! v1.1 patch has been released :) Most of the changes are listed below, hopefully the game is more balanced now.

Brand new soundtrack!
No more unblockable jump kick and other blocking fixes :P
New animation for Sid's HK
Light Hits can be canceled into jumps
Dash inputs have been tweaked
Landing frames added for certain moves
Game hanging on the Character Select screen should be fixed
Custom character info now gets saved
More knockback from blocked attacks

Regular Throw + Super Throw hit crouching opponents, and Super Throw cannot be cancelled
Rising Kicks can be performed in air
Tornado Kick improved juggle ability
Shoulder Charge causes pop-up, with more recovery
Diving Kick no longer a mid-hit, now has two versions
Combo Maker length reduced by 39%
Air Fireball travels farther, and doesn't cause player to bounce backwards
Ninja Star more range, and will pop-up airbourne opponents on 2nd hit
New special move: Flying Kick

Also I created a message board at, if anyone is interested :p

I already have the next patch underway with a big feature I'm looking forward to.. multiplayer lobbies! Pretty much SSF4's Endless Lobby mode. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Avatar Fighter Forum

I just added a link at the top of this blog for the new Avatar Fighter forum.. Go discuss stuff!

If you have questions/suggestions or looking for people to play against, post a message! It'll at least be more organized than following blog comments :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Patch contained a nasty bug, so had to pull it from review at the last second. Well no worries, it'll be a while before it comes out now but there will be some additional things in the patch when it comes out- it'll have two patches worth content! Just gotta test it for bugs better :I

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patch v1.1

Balance patch v1.1 is coming! It's in peer review RIGHT NOW
  • bunch of tweaks/buffs/nerfs to many moves
  • fixed dashing issues
  • fixed some blocking issues
  • new move: Flying Kick!
  • Quick Match now creates a match after 3 seconds
  • Custom Match renamed to List Matches
  • should be fixed: hanging on the character select screen in online match
  • Leaderboard display fix
  • Custom avatar moves are now stored
Also: Here's a funny stream of the guys at FinestKO playing some AFO, good stuff! (starts at 32min)