Thursday, October 27, 2011


Patch contained a nasty bug, so had to pull it from review at the last second. Well no worries, it'll be a while before it comes out now but there will be some additional things in the patch when it comes out- it'll have two patches worth content! Just gotta test it for bugs better :I

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patch v1.1

Balance patch v1.1 is coming! It's in peer review RIGHT NOW
  • bunch of tweaks/buffs/nerfs to many moves
  • fixed dashing issues
  • fixed some blocking issues
  • new move: Flying Kick!
  • Quick Match now creates a match after 3 seconds
  • Custom Match renamed to List Matches
  • should be fixed: hanging on the character select screen in online match
  • Leaderboard display fix
  • Custom avatar moves are now stored
Also: Here's a funny stream of the guys at FinestKO playing some AFO, good stuff! (starts at 32min)