Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AFO v1.2

Change list for v1.2:

- Sid HK gives slight pop-up on airbourne opponents
- unblockable fireballs on riseup fixed
- the amount of on-screen fireballs per player limited to 1 (meteor is an exception)
- Shoulder tackle will keep going on hit, stops if blocked
- fireball blocking issue fix
- dive kick counts as a mid-hit again, but with extra start up frames
- rising kicks slightly faster, better at juggling in air
- tornado kick goes thru fireballs
- Ultimates Stun & Stomp are invulnerable to fireballs
- Twin orbs, extra recovery frames
- Properly cycles the songs instead of just playing one song (net play)
- character select music plays (net play)
- fix obscure sound crash on main menu
- LP Rushing combo has same recovery as HP version
- credits now roll after single player ending