Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Puzzwords version available!

The new patch is out, just re-download the game to update your version

Bugfixes/Changes: (from my notes)

fixed: level 11 bg is white
fixed: Level 10 to level 11 .. suddenly gets insane hard
fixed: Netgame scores show up in marathon highscores..
fixed: words formed that are really high can sometimes clear blocks on the bottom
fixed: the loser in a netgame getting a win
fixed: Start netgame button not go invisible in bigracemode
fixed: Unlock Game screen says feature locked
fixed: game crashed when going to a netgame during highscore session
added: add a multiplayer Lobby presence
added: Larger letter option
added:change settings in netlobby?
added: options saved to disk
added: add missing words to dictionary
added: remove some dumb words
added: a counter showing games open
added: friend invites

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