Friday, April 9, 2010

Graffiti LIVE! is back!

The patch has been approved and Graffiti LIVE is now available once again!
Get it on the Marketplace!

Thanks for your patience!

Whats new:
  • fixed memory leak crash while drawing
  • restructured the network distribution system, now should be alot more robust + reliable
  • fixed the network session getting lost and having to restart
  • a network session is now limited to only 2 people
  • more verbose networking messages on main menu
  • ability to manually create & join a network session
  • new style comment boxes
  • preventative error checking on comments
  • menu sound effects
  • online gamer presence
  • hint box on first save for new users about how to submit drawing
  • bound memory limit to the total available space
  • while drawing the back button now displays the controls
  • new "More Bwoot" menu in options
  • color picking doesn't reset the opacity anymore
  • fixed scrolling past the max number of images
  • fixed crash when Hold/releasing guide button, while starting game simultaneously

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