Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AFO v1.1 Released

Got some news! v1.1 patch has been released :) Most of the changes are listed below, hopefully the game is more balanced now.

Brand new soundtrack!
No more unblockable jump kick and other blocking fixes :P
New animation for Sid's HK
Light Hits can be canceled into jumps
Dash inputs have been tweaked
Landing frames added for certain moves
Game hanging on the Character Select screen should be fixed
Custom character info now gets saved
More knockback from blocked attacks

Regular Throw + Super Throw hit crouching opponents, and Super Throw cannot be cancelled
Rising Kicks can be performed in air
Tornado Kick improved juggle ability
Shoulder Charge causes pop-up, with more recovery
Diving Kick no longer a mid-hit, now has two versions
Combo Maker length reduced by 39%
Air Fireball travels farther, and doesn't cause player to bounce backwards
Ninja Star more range, and will pop-up airbourne opponents on 2nd hit
New special move: Flying Kick

Also I created a message board at, if anyone is interested :p

I already have the next patch underway with a big feature I'm looking forward to.. multiplayer lobbies! Pretty much SSF4's Endless Lobby mode. :)

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