Monday, July 11, 2011

Avatar Fighter Online

Avatar Fighter will be getting a new version soon- Avatar Fighter Online!

It will be a stand alone version for the same low price of 80MSP and will feature online multiplayer, leaderboards, practice mode and two new fighters!

Here is the first of the two new fighters: JILL. She is a very projectile based character, more so than even Jimmy!


  1. Bout damn time lol. I begged enough! Time to get the word out!. What about new backgrounds/stages? oh and whats the ETA for this.. 80points? Np, I'd pay 240mp easy.

  2. Assuming I get it into peer review soon and that goes smoothly, the game should be out should be 3-4 weeks.

    There are no new backgrounds this time, I'm saving those for whatever future versions may come. Adding online multiplayer took long enough! :p