Monday, August 8, 2011

Progress Report

Hit a snag this week in AFO- I submitted the game, only to discover afterwards it ran slowly in low lag conditions. So I pulled it! I think I have corrected the problem and should be going into review again this weekend. Damn you tricky networking :I

Also been working on a trailer for the game, so that'll be nice having an actual video to send around that isn't just an old work in progress capture.


  1. I just had downloaded the trial for AF this morning, and really enjoyed it. Read this and was happy too. Glad you are putting more time and thought into the game, and I will pick up AFO when you put it up.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I should update this blog more often :) Glad you liked the game

  3. Excellent game, man. AFO will be an instant buy for me. What do you think the ETA'll be once resent for review?

    PS: Over 50% damage Genei Jins are obscene. Expect tears to flood in once AFO is released. xD

  4. haha Yeah its a bit OP right now, people seem to like it at least :) I toned it down a bit, so 50% is about the new max.

    My last few reviews have taken about 2 weeks, so hopefully the game can still release before September. *fingers crossed*