Sunday, August 21, 2011

In Waiting

The game is in peer review.. fingers crossed!

In the meantime here is the trailer I've been working on. I think it'll do the job :)


  1. Cant wait! got my 80 points ready.. well up to 240 I guess lol

  2. Awesome, Brian.

    A few questions, if you don't mind of course:

    The netcode's good, right? ...Riiight? heh, We don't need people dropping the Run-Jab juggles. xD

    Do Jill's "Kai" fireballs track, or is their location determined by button press? Is her Air Fireball horizontal only?

    What's Sid's third move? I don't recall seeing anything other than the Hurricane Kick and DAT STOMP.

    Ooh, are there any extra moves you threw in, like the Rising Kick and Blan-Kano Ball?

    Thanks. I've got MSP at the ready to buy this the instant I see it. ^_^

  3. Well it better be good, it took me 5 months to do! :)
    But really, I've tested the network code a good deal and for the most part it works fine unless your connection is unstable. You want to have a 200 ping or less for a good fight.

    Jill's fireballs will target the area the opponent is currently standing when it's launched and you can launch a slow or faster one.

    Sid's other move is.... the Blanka ball! Haha yeah I was running out of ideas

    No new extra move this go round but I'll add some via updates to keep people interested. If you have any ones you wanna see, you can tell me here :)

  4. Oh yes, and the air fireball is horizontal only

  5. I hope so, too. I mean, that was the only thing holding this game back from being epic, and if it works out, you'll easily have one of the best games ever created in the IG section.

    "If you have any ones you wanna see, you can tell me here"

    You may have just opened gates that lesser men dare not touch. =P

  6. avatar fighter online is definitely a success as far as indie games goes. everything flows good together. i purchased it on the spot. i'm getting friends to check it out for possible purchase as well. if you need a hip hop edge for fighting music, i'd be down to help with that. i won't charge anything. i just want the credit to be shown for everyone to see so i can brag a little bit to some online friends on the 360 lol. i recently produced a beat that was used for a song to win 2011 best collaboration of the year at an award show in tampa, florida. i have some ideas for the game that might be of use for the game to further its success. like i said, i'm an independent beat producer and i'd like to help this game with what i do to make it even better. if your interested, you can e-mail me at:

  7. Hey cool, I was just listening to beats yesterday and thought how it'd be nice to have better music. I'll send ya an email, I'd like to hear some samples :)