Thursday, October 27, 2011


Patch contained a nasty bug, so had to pull it from review at the last second. Well no worries, it'll be a while before it comes out now but there will be some additional things in the patch when it comes out- it'll have two patches worth content! Just gotta test it for bugs better :I


  1. How bout details. Keeps me sane while I wait. You really made a great game. Did uou ever include any MK style moves and remove them? Any chance for a cheesy Dan/Akuma type? Can you fix custom combos in the air? Adding a third move to fighters? Just trying to get some insight. Now that popularity of the game is really growing, will you do surveys to ask what we the community want? Any plans for a true sequel? Btw I noticed sometimes the Ai woud freeze for a sec and a scratching dj sound would be made, like they are powering up. Then they would attack. Is that normal? I have more but I'll stop for now.

  2. Flying kick is about the only move that got removed, you'll recognize it from MK :p At first it was overpowered but now it should be good, and is pretty fun to use.

    Downward air fireball will probably appear, and perhaps a Raging Demon type super for Akuma-likes.

    I think custom combo catching people out of the air is kinda fun. It already recieved a pretty big active time nerf in the patch so it should be more balanced.

    From here out the udpates will probably be mostly new moves added and small tweaks, no big game changers really. Big changes would be for a true sequel at the moment, I have some ideas but I don't have plans to make one yet. This online version hasn't really done as good as I was hoping for, so I'm not sure about new XBLIG projects atm :/

  3. I also have seen the AI bug, it comes up occasionally but it's not that high on my things to fix just yet.

  4. Your game is worth more, 80pionts is nothing. 240 is better 480 id still buy it
    I always wondered why so low. But I understand about salea ,as a fighter it is one of the best seller on indie games. If not xbox live f what els. I see DJArcas is relating on Onlive.. Any others planned. I think a forum would help your community. Do you remember fighter marker for ps2? That was a cool idea.

  5. 80 points is almost nothing, but i just wanted to get the max amount of online players and 80 pts worked well enough for the original version. Ah well.

    A forum would've been ok to have from the start, not sure how many people will look at it now, but I can look into it.

    I've only heard about fighter maker, haven't played it myself.

  6. Active or not, a forum'll still work to contain ideas and create a regular time for a few people to play at.

    Speaking of which, would it be possible to detect and display the amount of players on AFO?

    heh, We've got to party up again some time, Brian.

  7. Well I added a link on the side to the Giant Bomb forum for Avatar Fighter. Maybe that will suffice? Feel free to post there, n maybe some other people will find out about Avatar Fighter :)

    Right now theres no way to see the total num of players online, I can only think of some hacky ways to detect other players in AFO but they could be bug prone.

  8. dude seriously.. I know its a fighting game forum. But its so horribly UN-organized, that unless I use your direct link. One can get lost in there just looking for your thread. I stay away. I even signed up, but after that, I got lost and said screw it, peace

  9. Haha okok.. I installed an actual forum here:

    It's pretty plain at the moment, but its easy enough to navigate.