Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patch v1.1

Balance patch v1.1 is coming! It's in peer review RIGHT NOW
  • bunch of tweaks/buffs/nerfs to many moves
  • fixed dashing issues
  • fixed some blocking issues
  • new move: Flying Kick!
  • Quick Match now creates a match after 3 seconds
  • Custom Match renamed to List Matches
  • should be fixed: hanging on the character select screen in online match
  • Leaderboard display fix
  • Custom avatar moves are now stored
Also: Here's a funny stream of the guys at FinestKO playing some AFO, good stuff! (starts at 32min)


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  2. Um, tweak list? ^_^''

    Be careful about how you tweak the offensive moves. Not many people appreciate keepaway (My double projectile or Orb/RollKick sets, for example) being the only viable style. Besides, I hate the mirror. =P

    That being said, instant overhead Dive Kick IS running a bit rampant...

  3. Most of the move tweaks are buffs, as most of them were not super useful.

    Dive Kick is about the only nerf, the rest got buffs. Well, Shoulder Charge got a nerf, but a small buff too.

    Ninja Star, Tornado Kick, Air Fireball, Super Throw were buffed.

    However the patch had a bad bug in it! So things might change by the time the next patch is submitted.

  4. Ihis one guy just kept doing a straight up jump kick and it seemed to be unblock-able. Shoulder rush isn't easy to counter. Timing has to be perfect. Dang two weeks for another update? sucks. Any chance for a speed setting?

  5. Shoulder rush will be easier to counter now, and the jumping neutral kick is fixed too. I dont want to toy with a speed setting right now, the less things that can introduce bugs, the better.

  6. I thought I should mention a few tools to help you defeat Alex/Cyndi's Neutral Jump HK. They aren't absolute, but they're better than getting stuck in a loop.

    1. Just bring a Reversal. Rising Uppercut, Shoulder Ram, Rush Headbutt, Rolling Kick, Invincible, ORBoros, and possibly Shadow Kick, Pounce Strike, and Meteor Shower will out-prioritize him, damage him, and put you back on offense if timed correctly. I've had the most success with Rolling Kick, but it's still inconsistent at best. Remember that he can attempt to bait your reversal, and if successful, you may catch an Uppercut and a few run jabs for your troubles, along with being knocked down again.

    2. Backdash on wakeup. You'll still take the hit, but you'll flip out of the incoming Dive Kick. Be careful since you'll still be on the defensive afterwards.